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Gate 2018 syllabus for CSE ECE Civil Mechanical EEE Biotechnology Life Science Chemical Architecture Aerospace Physics Chemistry Instrumentation Download PDF

GATE 2018 Syllabus For General Aptitude (GA)

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2018 is an important competitive exam which is being conducted every year by the different IITs and IISc. The candidates of B.Tech background or masters’ level give this exam with the hope to get bright future. GATE Exam is a high level exam which is atleast attempted by large […]

GATE 2018 Syllabus For Biotechnology BT Download PDF

GATE Biotechnology BT Syllabus

GATE Biotechnology paper will contain the questions from biotechnology field which constitutes living systems, organisms processes, products etc.  The questions are asked from Engineering Mathematics field and general aptitude in the exam. GATE 2018 syllabus for Biotechnology exam is detailed below- Engineering Mathematics- Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Numerical methods, Differential Equations General Aptitude: […]

GATE Syllabus For Metallurgical Engineering 2018 Download PDF

Syllabus for GATE Metallurgical Engineering MT

GATE Metallurgical Engineering Syllabus will include the questions from both Engineering Mathematics and Metallurgical Engineering domain. Check the syllabus for the exam and prepare the topic so as to score well in the exam. The questions will come from 2 main domains- Metallurgical Engineering & Engineering Mathematics. The topics included in both is mentioned below- […]

GATE 2018 Verbal Ability Syllabus

GATE 2018 Aptitude Syllabus for Verbal Ability will constitute the topic which are very common to see but require some logic to be solved. There are several daily life situations where we often calculate things. For example- If there is a new born in the family, then to guess out the relation, the different combinations […]

Life Sciences (XL) Syllabus For GATE Download 2018

Gate Life Sciences XL Syllabus

GATE life Sciences XL 2018 Syllabus Chemistry: Study the topics such as- Atomic Structure & periodicity (Planck’s theory, wave particle duality, quantum mechanical model, electronic configuration, ionization energy, electronegativity), Structure and bonding (Ionic & covalent bonding, lattice energy, vanderwalls forces, VSEPR Theory, hybridization, bond angle, bond energy), Periodic table elements (s, p, d Block Elements), […]

GATE PE- Petroleum Engineering 2018 Syllabus

Petroleum Engineering (PE) syllabus will constitute the topics as mentioned below. Including the below topics, the new inventions in petroleum  industry are also included as part of exam. These topics include- Petroleum Exploration: Classification of rocks, origin, migration, description of petroleum. Oil & gas Well Drilling Technology: Well planning, drilling method, oil & gas well […]

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