Cookie Policy

Cookies Policy

Many of you must be aware of the fact that in our browser the cookies are stored. Every browser has certain settings which are default and some are to be done by Users. There are cookies stored in the browser you use. This is actual the saving of a copy of work you do on the website. This is a small file which is helpful in case you wish to resume where you left in the browser or restore the session.


Although cookie has no relation with the storing of passwords and other personal information of the user, it only keeps the URL of website along with small data. But to be more secure about your browsing you can make settings in your browser by disabling the cookies.

It is recommended to delete the cache and cookies of the browser once the work is completed. Or you can go to Settings tab of your browser and disable both in browser. This way you can feel more secure and free to write to us directly or in the comments section of the website.


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