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GATE 2017 New Changes Differences This Year GATE Exam Pattern

GATE 2017 has certain changes in the examination pattern and certain factors that cost for the exam. What are changes in GATE 2017? These are listed below in the table-

Earlier GATE ExaminationsFrom GATE 2016GATE 2017 Exam
Candidates have to get their own calculatorAn online virtual calculator is providedXE has new paper- Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (section H)
Total papers used to 22Total Papers will be 23- petroleum Engineering (PE) is addedNow total 8 sections in XE branch- A to H
Answer Keys were provided on official web portal after the examNow, after some time the answer key will be provided which makes sure there is dispute later. This will be done with nominal fee New GATE exam centres-
Burdwan (IIT Guwahati Zone), Dibrugarh (IIT Guwahati Zone), Gorakhpur (IIT Kanpur Zone)
Same branch had different sessions of examThe exam will be conducted based on specialization of candidate
No specialization is mentioned in application FormSpecialized domain in the particular stream has to be mentioned along with subjects
Normalization of score had been doneNo normalization scope hopefully

time of submission of application form, the applicant has to mention the specialization trade for themselves. The same will go for the Post graduate applicants, they will have mention the specialized trade in the application form.


For example- In Computer Science Stream, the specialized domains are- Database, Software Engineering, Networks etc. The elective subjects include- JAVA programming, Cloud computing, Multimedia, Csharp, medium of cinema etc.

The discussion on the changes is under progress. The updated information will be presented to you.

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