GATE Chemistry Syllabus 2018 Exam Pattern CY Download

GATE Chemistry CY Syllabus Pattern PDFThere are several topics under chemistry which should be studied by the candidates who all apply for the GATE Chemistry exam. Physical, Inorganic, Organic Chemistry details are provided below which in detail is to be studied for exam. GATE 2018 Syllabus for Chemistry CY is given below-

Physical Chemistry- The topics to be studied under Physical Chemistry are the ones which are the study of macroscopic or atomic processes/ phenomena in chemical terms. All concepts of Physics are being linked up with the topics-

Structures: Quantum theory, valence bond, molecular orbital theories, rotational, vibrational, electronic, NMR, ESR, harmonic oscillator, hydrogen atom, Hückel Law, symmetry

Equilibrium: 3 laws of thermodynamics, free energy, phase transformation, chemical equilibrium (link up with pressure, heat), Debye-Hückel theory; standard electrode potentials, Kinetic theory of gases, heat, energy, work, entropy

Kinetics: Rates of chemical reactions, steady state approximation, kinetics of photochemical reactions, homogeneous catalysis, free radical polymerization, adsorption isotherms, heterogeneous catalysis, theories of reaction rates.

Inorganic Chemistry- This section of Chemistry is all about chemical compounds (minus organic compounds). The topics to be studied are-

Main group Elements: General characteristics, allotropes, structure, reactions (boranes, silicones, chalcogens (S, Se & Te), silicates, carboranes, phosphazenes, Hydrides, oxides, boron nitride, borazines), Structure and Bonding (VBT) of B, Al, Si, N, P, S, Cl compounds, Synthesis and reactivity of inorganic polymers of Si and P, Shapes of molecules, Allotropes of carbon


Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Transition Elements: d and f block elements, coordination chemistry, mechanisms of substitution & electron transfer reactions of coordination complexes, Metal carbonyls, transition metal complexes with bonds to hydrogen, lanthanides and actinides, alkyls, alkenes and arenes, metal carbenes, use of organometallic compounds as catalysts in organic synthesis, metal- metal bonds and metal atom clusters, structure, isomerism

Organic Chemistry- It is the home of Carbon atoms, because it is all related to C atom (structure, reactions, properties). It includes the topics-



Reaction Mechanism: Methods of determining reaction mechanisms, Molecular rearrangements involving electron deficient atoms, Elimination reactions, Reactive intermediates, Nucleophilic and electrophilic substitutions

Pericyclic Reactions,


Heterocyclic Compounds


Organic Synthesis: Synthesis, reactions, mechanisms of aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, halides, alkenes, phenols, nitro compounds, alkynes, arenes, alcohols, amines, protection and deprotection of functional groups.


Study all the topics really well. There are several more topics to be studied for the exam which are mentioned in the PDF file given below-

Gate Chemistry Syllabus 2018 DOWNLOAD

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