GATE 2018 Syllabus For Civil Engineering CE Detailed Topics Download PDF

Syllabus for Gate Civil Engineering CE PDFGATE Civil Engineering (CE) Exam is one of the important field exam for which a proper study has to be done. Foremost part of preparations is the knowledge of GATE 2018 syllabus for Civil Engineering that will be the part of exam. An applicant must know what will come in the exam. Get well versed with the GATE CE Syllabus given below-

In this field paper, the questions come from Engineering Mathematics in which the topics included are-

Linear algebra, Calculus, Differential equation, Complex variable, Probability & Statistics and some numerical methods. Several theories, derivations, applications for the exam are to be studied well so that this scoring part can fetch you nice score in exam.

Complete GATE Syllabus for Aptitude LOOK

Now, entering into the domain (Civil) Gate CE Subject wise Weightage of marks-

Structural Engineering- As name suggests, this is a section in which all study is related to structures- how they are made, their types, what support they acquire, how much load they can bear etc. There are several topics to be covered under this section- Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Concrete Structures, Steel Structures

Geotechnical Engineering-This field is in relation with the earth materials- their engineering behavior, applications, uses. This is combination of Soil Mechanics + Rock Mechanics. In this a detailed study of Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering has to be done.

Water resources Engineering: In this section, the following topics are to be studied-


Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics: Properties, principles, flow in pipes, Dimensional analysis, hydraulic modeling

Hydrology: Hydrologic cycle, reservoir, well hydraulics, infiltration

Irrigation: Delta, crop water requirements, irrigation system types, water logging & drainage

Environmental Engineering: This section cover the aspects of environment, how it is affected or how will it be affected in terms of- Water Requirements, Air Pollution, Municipal Solid Wastes. Noise Pollution

Transportation Engineering: The study of Highway Planning & Traffic Engineering is being done in different aspects for the exam.

You should know the importance, principles, errors, directions, projections of surveying.

For all the detailed topics, Download the Civil Engineering GATE Syllabus from below so that it is easier for use to study. Gate topic wise analysis Civil will help you to study and prepare very well for the exam.

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  1. Please guide me for gate exam after, What are the Main subjects for gate

    1. Hi Rajmish,
      Are you Civil Engineering student? If so, please study the subjects as mentioned in PDF for Civil domain and prepare the aptitude questions

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            Papers are sent to your ID, please check

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            The civil material is sent to you, please check

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            Please check Civil syllabus is sent to you

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  2. friends,whether the previous gate solved question papers are enough to crack the gate 2016 exam?

  3. raghunathreddybalam

    Please tell me how to study,I am in 3rd year,I got 52% in btech,please give some guidance

    1. Hi raghu,

      For preparing GATE paper, you can always check the tips and tricks from
      Furthermore, you can always refer best books to prepare the syllabus for Civil stream.

  4. can you please guide me any site where i can get free subject wie test series to practise

    1. HI,
      You will get it soon here.

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  6. Sir plz tell me the perfect preparation for gate in short time and also guide me …

    1. Hi Prateek,
      You can search for GATE Preparation on the above search box and you will get several ways to prepare for exam.
      1)Refer to best books for exam
      2)Practice the previous papers & solved papers

  7. Please send me the previous year solved papers and weightage of subjects

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      Papers are sent to your ID.

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      Papers are sent to your ID, please check

  9. Sir plzz guide me for gate 2018… I m from civil engg stream… & plzz send me previous yr solved papers….

    1. Hi Kalyani,
      The papers are sent, please check.

  10. i need tricks and material both if any kind of notes are available cn u send thm ??

    1. Hi Omkar,
      You can check the study material on this website. Previous Papers, Sample Papers and Solved Papers are provided for Civil Engineering,

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      Papers are sent to your ID, please check.

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      Papers are sent

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  14. sir,
    In question bank from 2006 to 2010 doesn’t have answer keys and also for 2011 doesn’t have question
    plz notice thank u

    1. Hi Freeda,
      Under Solved Papers section, you can check the solutions of these questions.

  15. Sir do preparing for ies service prepare me for gate too as i am doing coaching they prefer for conventional in class rather goin in for objective though i know they will finish course by this december but i doubt about my gate paper. Please sir share your veiws

    1. You can, pranchal please give the GATE exam and you will crack it.

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  17. sir, please send me the previous year solved question papers

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    Please tell me how to prepare gate 2017 in short time & please send me solved papers & on which subject should concentrate more for the gate exam
    I’m 4th civil

    1. Hi Krishna,
      For preparation tips please refer to Preparation column on our website and papers are sent to you.

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    1. Hi Rupesh,
      For Aptitude you can refer to best of books for questions. For Civil Engineering I have sent it to you

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      Papers are sent to everyone, please check

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    1. Hi Utpalendu,
      You can study all the civil topics in 2 months from now and start your preparations. The GATE Civil study material can be checked from your ID and practice all the question papers before the exam.

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      Kindly download the GATE Civil engg study material from-

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      Please check GATE Civil study material from-

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      The weightage for each subject is not fixed in GATE exam. However, questions are asked almost from each part.

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  58. I’m complete diploma in civil engineering. Now i’m b’tech student.i want to participate gate exam. So kindly suggest me how i prepare for gate exam..

    1. Hi,
      You can start your preparations for GATE exam via preparing the syllabus in best possible manner from the books. Followed by it you can practice the previous & sample papers for exam so that you are aware of type of questions asked in exam. Focus more on practicing so that you can get the correct confidence.

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