GATE 2018 CSE|IT Syllabus Download PDF

Gate Computer Science CS IT Syllabus PDFGATE CS or Computer Science and Information Technology Syllabus

The questions in the exam are being asked from Engineering Mathematics and Computers domain knowledge. The candidates need to prepare well for the exam in both aspects. Are you thinking of what to study for gate CSE or IT paper, check the GATE syllabus for CSE 2018 exam from below.

GATE 2018 CSE IT Syllabus

Engineering Mathematics: This section of exam is a very scoring section because the chances of doing mistakes lessen when you practice a lot for this section.

Combinatory: Permutation, Combination, Counting, summation, functions

Graph theory: Spanning trees, vertices, edges, isomers etc

Mathematical Logic- Propositional logic, First Order Logic

Probability: Conditional probability, Mean, Median, Mode, Random variables, Distributions, poisson theorem, Standard deviation, Binomial theorem

Linear Algebra: Determinants, Matrices, Eigen values & vectors

Calculus: Limit, continuity, mean value theorems, partial derivatives, maxima & mnima

Certain Numerical Methods are to be studied for the exam.

Set theory & Algebra: Sets, Functions, groups, Boolean Algebra

Now, with domain knowledge the topics covered in exam are given below. All the topics covered in the Engineering degree of 4 years are asked in the exam. The subjects are mentioned below-


Programming and Data Structures: Languages- C, C++, Data Structures

Algorithms: Asymptotic notation, notion of space, worst, best & average case analysis, complexity (P, NP, NP Hard, NP Algorithm)

Computer Networks: LAN, TCP, UDP, Routing algorithms, Congestion control, hubs, switches, digital signature, flow and error techniques

Digital Logic: Logic functions, Design & synthesis of circuits, computer arithmetic

Computer Architecture and Organization: I/ O interface, CPU control design, Cache & main memory, memory interface

Theory of Computation: Finite automata, push down automata, context free languages

Compiler Design: Parsing, Syntax, code optimization, runtime environment

Operating Systems: This is the very important topic in respect to GATE paper- Processes, threads, CPU Scheduling, Memory management, paging, File systems, virtual memory

Web technologies: HTML, XML, Client server computing

Databases: ER Model, relational model, database design, SQL, File structures, concurrency control

Informational Systems and Software Engineering: Data flow diagrams, design, coding, implementation, I/O design, process life cycle

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GATE Computer Science Syllabus DOWNLOAD



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  1. Sir my name is Rahul I in final year of b.e from university of Pune but I m completing my degree in 7 year and my overall percentage in b.e will be 50 percent so can you please tell me gate exam will be beneficial for me in such conditions

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Just give the GATE paper very seriously and you will get best of colleges to study and best govt jobs.

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