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GATE Electrical Engineering (EE) Syllabus What Topics To Study?

GATE Electrical Engineering (EE) Syllabus & Exam Pattern details are being mentioned below as per which theSyllabus for Gate Electrical Engineering EE candidates need to prepare for the exam. GATE EE Syllabus is being detailed below for the preparations of the exam. The sections of the exam include- Engineering Mathematics & Domain knowledge. Both are described below.

The Engineering Mathematics will be a part of exam which will include the topics that are being studied in the engineering degree of 4 years. The topics Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, Probability and Statistics, Transform Theory, Numerical Methods are being studied in the degree course. The important topics of the exam are to be prepared well so that the candidates will be able to score well for the exam.

Followed by the Engineering Mathematics section, the Electrical Engineering domain knowledge questions will be asked in the exam-

Electric Circuits and Fields: KCL, KVL, node, Mesh analysis, resonance, 2 port network, Norton;s and superposition, gauss theorem, Ampere’s and Biot Savart’s laws, inductance, dielectrics, capacitance

Signals and Systems: Fourier, Laplace, Z transforms, linear, time variant, scaling operations

Power systems


Control Systems

Power Electronics and Drives

Electrical Machines: Single phase transformer, 3 phase transformer, parallel operations, D machines, energy conversion principles, speed control of motors, motor starting, servo & stepper motors

Electrical and Electronic Measurements

Analog and Digital Electronics

The above mentioned topics are to be studied in the details for the exam so that every knowledge is there in the mind of the applicant. GATE Electrical Engineering Syllabus has to be well prepared with the practice of questions for the exam. This way you can be very clear with all the concepts.  Download the PDF file given below and study all the topics well. Read all concepts and practice the questions related to it.

GATE Electrical Engineering EE Syllabus DOWNLOAD


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