GATE 2018 Syllabus For Engineering Sciences XE Exam Pattern Download

GATE Engineering Sciences (XE) Syllabus for the exam will include several sections which need to be studied. ThisEngineering XE Engineering Sciences Gate Syllabus PDF stream of Engineering has several specialization domains. The candidate can pursue one or another as per the interest. For GATE Exam, the syllabus as designed by the officials, has to be studied for XE Exam. How to Prepare for GATE XE Exam, Check below topics and plan your study with GATE XE Syllabus PDF 2018.

Engineering Mathematics: This will include the topics to be studied for the exam-

Linear Algebra: Here, the basic topics are covered such as linear equations, Cayley Hamilton theorem, eigen vectors, eigen values, skew Hermitian and unitary matrices, types of matrics.

Calculus: The detailed study of topics under calculus include- Continuity & differentiability, Mean value theorems, L Hospital rukle, Maxima & Minima, Double & triple integrals, Beta & Gamma functions, Taylor’s series, Euler’s theorem, Fourier series, Cosine series

Complex variable: Cauchy Riemann equations, Line integral, Taylor’s and Laurent’s series

Vector Calculus: gauss, Surface & Volume integrals, vector identities

Ordinary Differential Equation: First order equations, Legendre polynomials, Bessel’s functions, Higher order linear differential equations

Partial Differential Equations: solutions of one dimensional heat & wave equations, Separation of variables method, laplace equation

Probability & Statistics: Study the basics.

Under Fluid Mechanics subject, the topics to be covered are-

Fluid Properties: Newtonian fluids relation between stress and strain

Hydrostatics: Forces on submerged bodies, Manometry, Concept of fluid rotation

Dimensional Analysis: Kinematic & Dynamic similarity, importance of non- dimensional numbers, basic idea of flow measurement

Next, is Materials Science subject in which the topics to be studied are-


Structure: Atomic structure, crystal systems, Amorphous, Crystal growth techniques, Crystalline solids

Diffusion: Fick’s law, application of diffusion

Metals and Alloys: Intermetallic compounds, ferrous & non- ferrous alloys, microstructure, recovery, cold & hot working of metals

Ceramics: Applications, processing, structure, properties

Polymers: Classification, Additives, Polymerization, processing

Composites: Properties, Applications

Advanced Materials and Tools: Ferroelectric, Semiconducting behavior, Microscopy in all application, Photoconductivity

Study about the several properties Mechanical,  Thermal , Electronic, Optical, Magnetic, Environmental Degradation

In Solid Mechanics section of syllabus, study the topics such as Equivalent Force systems, Stress & Strain, Free Vibration of single degree of freedom systems

In Thermodynamics section, study Basics, Laws of thermodynamics, Properties of Pure Substances, relations, cycles, Ideal Gas mixtures

Under Polymer Science and Engineering, the topics included are- Chemistry of high polymers, Polymer Characterization, properties of polymers, brands, Technology, Rheology, Processing, Testing

For Food technology section of syllabus, study the topics related to food which will include the nutrition, products used, how are they manufactured etc.

For all details of all the topics, which are to be studied for the exam download the syllabus PDF which is given below-

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GATE Engineering Sciences (XE) Syllabus DOWNLOAD

Engineering Mathematics Fluid Mechanics Food Technology  Materials Science
Polymer Science & Engg Solid Mechanics Thermodynamics



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