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GATE 2017 Syllabus For General Aptitude (GA)

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an important competitive exam which is being conducted every year by the different IITs and IISc. The candidates of B.Tech background or masters’ level give this exam with the hope to get bright future. GATE Exam is a high level exam which is atleast attempted by large number of candidates. GATE Paper contains the syllabus from the 2 varied sections-

  • Core Subject Syllabus LOOK
  • General Aptitude 2017 Syllabus (GA)

The candidates who all want to prepare the General Aptitude section for GATE can check the details below.

General Aptitude constitutes of 2 sections-

  • Verbal Ability
  • Numerical Ability

These 2 sections of exam will contain all the topics which can be part of exam. These sections have to be studied well for the exam. Aptitude section of exam is a very scoring section in which you can boost the score for this competitive paper. Aptitude section for exam will contain the basic mathematical questions which have been studied from elementary classes in schools.

The basic concepts are only tested in GATE paper because the motive is to check the ability of candidate for the scratch. The topics which can be actually learned on tips or crammed are not asked in exam generally, because they do not bound to any correct checkpoint. The questions can be answered just with the simple tricks and these can be known once the practice for the questions is done thoroughly.


The details of both sections for Aptitude can be taken from below. The complete syllabus has to be prepared and then the practice of questions should be done to attain the knowledge.

“Mathematics Is Not About Cramming or Learning But Is Only About Practicing”

GATE 2017 GA Syllabus DOWNLOAD

GATE 2017 Verbal Ability Syllabus LOOK

GATE 2017 Numerical Ability Syllabus LOOK



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  1. I am mechanical student how to prepare self study gate exam and study material to send email id

    1. Hi Ram,
      Papers are sent to your ID.

      1. Can you send me self study material for Gate

        1. Hi Maheshwar,
          You can download the syllabus PDF from above and then practice the aptitude questions from the best of books available in the market.

          1. hi ..
            i am preparing for gate life science.. can you suggest me th books for th latter

  2. How to prepare aptitude of gate?

    1. Hi Abhinav,
      You can prepare GATE aptitude now by referring best books of aptitude available in the market and learning all the topics of GA syllabus

    2. hello sir, I also want general aptitude study material for gate exam…
      can you please send me on email id…

      1. Hi arpit,
        Please download aptitude papers from this website and practice them.

  3. I am civil engineering student. How to prepare self study of gate exam and study material send email id plz

    1. Hi Anjana,
      You can download the papers from your ID

  4. Any guidlines for petroleum engg.

    1. Hi Diksha,
      For Petroleum Engineering, learn all the basics of each topic and practice the previous paper of 2016 which is made available on our website under Petroleum Engineering category.

  5. how will crack gate exam by selfstudy please send me information about this

    1. Self Study is the best study, You can clear the GATE paper just by focussing on the syllabus and preparing it in a way that you score well. GATE exam need practice to the questions of all types and keeping some simple tricks to solve the paper in mind.
      When you have studied the theoretical course, practice the questions based on that topic to retain the knowledge of the same in mind. Make your schedule in such a way that you practice many questions daily for the exam.

      1. ple can u guide me to prepare gate 2017 i am mechanical engineering student final year how to prepare for it can u send study material for my email

        1. HI Karthick,
          Please check the preparation tips from this website under
          The papers are sent to your ID, please check.

  6. hello…do u plz send me sample papers of GENERAL APTITUDE for GATE CSE.

    1. Hi Medha,
      They are sent, please check your email id.

  7. m electrical engg. student , how can I qualify in gate , plz send important notes & qb

  8. hi , i am self studying for gate 2017 , for EC domain , plz send study material to my id

    1. Hi Prakhar,
      The study material can be checked from the link-

  9. hii..can u plz snd study material and some sample papers of GATE for cse/it to my id

  10. hi am maths students plss send me previous papers of mathematics and general aptitude

  11. plss send me aptitude topics for mathematics

      1. Ha thanks but I want aptitude topics syllabus plss send me

        1. Hi Manasa,
          Please download the syllabus PDF from above and use it for exam preparation.

  12. hi abhineet bro
    iam mechanical can u send me how to preapare self study and study material to my email id

    1. Hi Akil,
      Papers are sent, please check

  13. Hai sir I am preparing for gate I need maths and aptitude study material can u pls mail me

  14. Hi abhineet bro,
    I am electrical engineering student.
    So send me study material for GA and other study material for Gate 2017.

    1. Hi Harish,
      Please download Aptitude syllabus from above and refer to best books accordingly.

  15. Hai Sir,
    I am a computer science student, can you please send me the core study material.

    1. Hi Rushi,
      You can download the study material from the Computer Engineering category.

  16. Hi sir..i’m studying in textile engineering…can i get the materials for gate??

    1. Yes Debesh,
      Please check under Textile Engineering category.

  17. will u please send me study material for GATE preparation for ECE….

    1. Hi EVERYONE,
      Aptitude questions remain almost same for each stream, practice the best of aptitude questions for exam from the best of books.
      Download your respective stream papers by selecting the category from right bar and you can practice them for exam preparation.

  18. I am a Electrical Engineering Student, can you please share me the GA and core study material.

  19. Hi sir ..I m studying petroleum engineering .can i get some data for gate ?

  20. hi bro for XE i need study material can u send me

  21. Hi I’m ab electronic and communication engineering student.can u plz send me the study material.

  22. can u give me important notes on aptitude &reasoning

  23. hello sir please send me the study material to my id for preparation of gate.i am mechanical engineering

    1. Hi Dinesh,
      It is sent, please check and confirm

  24. hai bro,
    iam mainly focussed in general aptitude and maths. but i cant guess what will be asked in aptitude section..pls give papers to my id

  25. plz send me previous paper for practicing general aptitude..

  26. Hi sir can you send aptitude test papers on my mail id for practice .mechanical engg,

  27. hi ,I am siya studend of case b.ranch, I want to prepared for gate by ownself .can I get paper and notes on my id.

  28. Hi sir, I am from eve department……can u mail me gate previous questions and also the study material for gate preparation…

    1. I am from ECE department

      1. Hi,
        Please prepare well for the exam and practice a lot of questions of your branch.

    2. Hi Revathi,
      You can download all the question papers very easily from this website, just choose your category domain from right bar and download them.

  29. Hi i am soumya a civil engineering student …i want general aptitude syllabus for ce and gate study materials

    1. Hi Soumya,
      Please check your ID, gate material is sent to you.

  30. sir can you send study material of aptitude for gate

  31. hello sir, i am civil branch student. please send study metarial for gate prepration for aptitude

    1. Hi Akhil,
      Civil Study material is sent to your ID, please check

  32. I am EC student how to prepare self study gate exam and study material to send email id

  33. i am a cs student please send me study material to qualify gate and can u also provide me last 10 years gate papers

  34. how to prepare for gate production and industrial engineering

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