GATE Syllabus For Metallurgical Engineering 2018 Download PDF

Syllabus for GATE Metallurgical Engineering MT GATE Metallurgical Engineering Syllabus will include the questions from both Engineering Mathematics and Metallurgical Engineering domain. Check the syllabus for the exam and prepare the topic so as to score well in the exam.

The questions will come from 2 main domains- Metallurgical Engineering & Engineering Mathematics. The topics included in both is mentioned below-

Engineering Mathematics: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Probability, Vector Calculus

Metallurgical Engineering: The following topics are part of syllabus for GATE paper.

Mechanical Metallurgy: Elasticity, yield criteria and plasticity, dislocation theory, reactions, mechanical testing


Manufacturing Processes: Metal casting, permanent mould casting, investment casting and shell moulding, casting defects and repair, cold working of metals, Metal forming, soldering, brazing and welding, common welding processes of shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding and submerged arc welding; welding metallurgy

Thermodynamics & Rate Processes: Laws, activity, equilibrium constant, solutions, phase equilibria, thermodynamics of surfaces, interfaces and defects, adsorption and segregation, basic kinetic laws, order of reactions, rate constants and rate limiting steps, principles of electro chemistry- single electrode potential, electro-chemical cells, polarizations, aqueous corrosion and protection of metals, oxidation and high temperature corrosion, coefficient relations, radiation, Fick’s laws, mass transfer coefficients, momentum transfer, concepts of viscosity, shell balances, Bernoulli’s equation, friction factors

Extractive Metallurgy: Minerals of economic importance, size classification, Flotation, agglomeration, pyrohydro and electro-metallurgical processes; material and energy balances, principles of non-ferrous metals,  iron and steel making, metallurgical coke, blast furnace, direct reduction processes, primary and secondary steel making, ladle metallurgy operations including deoxidation, secondary refining processes including AOD, VAD, VOD, VAR and ESR

Physical Metallurgy: Crystal structure and bonding characteristics of metals, alloys, ceramics and polymers, nano-crystalline, solid solutions, phase transformation, surface treatments, elements of X-ray and electron diffraction, ceramics, polymers and composites

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