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GATE Petroleum Engineering Previous year Question Papers will surely help you to know what is actually asked in GATE exam. GATE PE has been initiated some time ago only and so the previous year papers are limited for it. You can refer to the Petroleum Engineering papers from below and check that which topic is being given how much weightage in the exam. To prepare for Petroleum Engineering, have a look at the syllabus first and then you can have the idea of the type of time table you need.

To prepare for GATE PE 2018 exam you need to prepare whole syllabus from the very good books which are available in the market and also the ones which you might have referred while your engineering course.

Some sample questions based on Petroleum Engineering are-

Q1: A section of a clean sandstone reservoir was logged and found to have a porosity of 10%. The cementation (m) and saturation (n) exponents are equal to 2. The constant ‘a’ in Archie’s saturation equation is 1. The formation water resistivity is 0.036 ohm-meter and the formation resistivity is 10ohm-meter. The water saturation in the reservoir is______%.


Q2: A ground station has a pump, which delivers a head of 1,000 m water. It is pumping oil of specific gravity 0.8 into a horizontal pipe of diameter 0.5 m with an average velocity of 2 m/s. The efficiency of the pump is 80%. Density of water is 1,000 kg/m3 and acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2. The power required to operate the pump is _______________ Mega Watts and acceleration due to gravity is______ ?

These type of questions will asked last year in the exam. So, be prepared with these kind of questions and then you can achieve much good in the exam.

GATE PE 2017 Question Paper DOWNLOAD

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