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GATE 2018 physics Syllabus will constitute the syllabus which is being studied in the degree course. The candidates areSyllabus for Physics Gate tested based on the knowledge they have achieved till date. Following are topics which should be prepared for the exam.

GATE 2018 Physics Syllabus

Electromagnetic Theory: Solution of electrostatic and magnetostatic problems including boundary value problems, d

ielectrics and conductors, Biot-Savart’s and Ampere’s laws, Faraday’s law, Maxwell’s equations, scalar and vector potentials.

Nuclear and Particle Physics: Electric and magnetic moments; nuclear models, semi-empirical mass formula, nuclear shell model, nuclear force, electromagnetic transitions in nuclei, Rutherford scattering, nuclear reactions, conservation laws, fission and fusion, Nuclear radii, nuclear binding energy, Alpha decay, Beta-decay

Mathematical Physics: Linear vector space, matrices, vector calculus, linear differential Equations, Laplace transforms, Fourier analysis

Classical Mechanics: Conservation laws, central forces, Kepler problem, planetary motion, collisions and scattering in laboratory and centre of mass frames, mechanics of system of particles, rigid body dynamics, variational principle, Lagrange’s & Hamilton’s formalisms, Poisson bracket, Lorentz transformations, relativistic kinematics, mass-energy equivalence.


Electronics: A/D and D/A conversion Network analysis, Field Effect Transistors, operational amplifier, negative feedback, circuits , Bipolar Junction Transistors, regulated power supplies, basic digital logic circuits, sequential circuits, flip-flops, counters, registers, active filters and oscillators, rectifier circuits, semiconductor devices

Quantum Mechanics: Physical basis, uncertainty principle, Schrodinger equation, oscillator, hydrogen atom, linear vectors and operators in Hilbert space, angular momentum, addition of angular momenta, time independent perturbation theory

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics: Laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamic quantities, classical & quantum statistics, degenerate Fermi gas, Planck’s distribution law; Bose-Einstein condensation, macrostates and microstates

Atomic and Molecular Physics: Hyperfine structure, Zeeman and Stark effects, electric dipole transitions and selection rules, Xray spectra, rotational & vibrational spectra of diatomic molecules, electronic transition in diatomic molecules, Franck-Condon principle, Raman effect, NMR and ESR, lasers.

Solid State Physics: Elements of crystallography, diffraction methods, bonding in solids, lattice vibrations, free electron theory, semiconductors, solids, elements of superconductivity.

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