How to Crack GATE In 6 Months? 3 Cs For Success 2018

GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a very important competitive paper which is given by large number of candidates every year. GATE is an aim for many individuals but it is not an impossible way to crack. There is always panic among applicants that how we will crack GATE after doing all preparations in short time.

GATE Preparation Tips & tricksFollow 3 C’s for GATE 2018 preparation: These are just 3 words which can change your whole preparation motive.

CONSISTENT: If you have scheduled your study for 3 Hours each day then continue it daily without any break.

CONFIDENT: Whatever you study, just be confident that it you have attained 100% knowledge in it.

CHALLENGER: Leave behind all the hurdles and come up with full courage to prepare all the topics for exam.


GATE Exam Preparation in 6 months can be done in a systematic manner. The preparation of 4 years degree course in just 6 months is not easy to be done but it is not difficult either.

Before Starting GATE Preparation in 6 Months-

  • Make a schedule for the study as per the syllabus of exam.
  • The topics which are difficult for you should be handled first.
  • Refer to the best books for GATE both subject wise and topic wise.
  • Be clear with your aim for the GATE exam because this will always boost you to study.

While Doing GATE Preparations-

  • Study the concept of each topic and following it, practice the questions based on it.
  • Try to solve the questions with simple techniques so that it saves your time in exam.
  • The doubts should be cleared there and then or at least should be marked for future.
  • In your schedule, add 10 minutes for the revision of last day’s work.
  • Don’t stretch your schedule for so long that it hampers your routine for the next day.
  • Whenever you end your day or start up your day watch some motivational videos which boost you well for the day.

You can crack GATE in 6 months; just follow the 3Cs as are mentioned above.

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