Download GATE PI Syllabus 2018 PDF- Production & Industrial Engineering

GATE 2018 production & Industrial engineering Syllabus will include the questions from Engineering Mathematics whichGate PI Syllabus is a very scoring part of exam. The candidates need to practice for this section. The way how the concepts will be applied has to be learned for the topics of the exam.  The topics such as Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Probability, Statistics, Numerical Methods are to be studied for the exam.

Apart from this, the candidates should study the topics which they have studied in the degree course time. These will include-

Gate 2018 Production & Industrial Engineering PI Syllabus

  • Operation Research: Linear programming, PERT and CPM
  • Reliability and Maintenance
  • Quality Management
  • Product Design and Development: Product life cycle, diversification, value engineering and analysis, concurrent engineering, Quality and cost considerations, standardization, simplification
  • Work System Design
  • Facility Design: Facility location factors and evaluation of alternate locations, types of plant layout, assembly line balancing, materials handling systems
  • Engineering Economy and Costing: Elementary cost accounting, methods of depreciation, break-even analysis, financial statements
  • Production Planning and Inventory Control: Master production scheduling, routing, scheduling, priority dispatching, push and pull production systems, supply chain management, Inventory, quantity discount
  • Management Information System: Storage and retrieval system, Intellectual Property System

General Engineering will include the topics of domain subjects-

  • Thermal Engineering: Fluid mechanics, equations of continuity and momentum, thermodynamics laws of thermodynamics, work, heat, internal combustion engines and steam turbines
  • Engineering Materials: Heat treatment of metals and alloys, mechanical properties, equations of equilibrium; strength of materials, deflection of beams, bending and shear stress, Euler’s theory of columns
  • Theory of Machines and Design: Analysis of planar mechanisms, cams and followers, governers and fly wheels, design of elements, design of shafts, keys, spur gears, belt drives, brakes
  • Applied Mechanics


Production Engineering syllabus for GATE will include the topics such as-

  • Metal Joining Processes: Welding processes, friction, explosive welding, joining processes, introduction to advanced welding processes
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Metal Casting: Casting processes, moulds and cores, casting techniques of cast iron, steels and nonferrous metals and alloys, casting inspection, defects
  • Manufacturing Analysis: Process capability, tolerance analysis in manufacturing and assembly, process planning
  • Metal Forming: Stress-strain relations, deformation mechanisms, wire, sheet metal working processes, coining, embossing, extrusion, wire /rod drawing, concept of flow stress
  • Polymers and Composites: Introduction to polymers and composites, plastic processing, injection, compression, blow molding
  • Machining and Machine Tool Operations
  • Tool Engineering: Jigs and fixtures, principles of forging die design, Metrology and Inspection, linear and angular measurements by mechanical and optical methods, comparators, limit gauges, interferometry, surface finish measurement

For more details and all topics, download the GATE PI Syllabus

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