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Gate 2016 syllabus for CSE ECE Civil Mechanical EEE Biotechnology Life Science Chemical Architecture Aerospace Physics Chemistry Instrumentation Download PDF

GATE ME Syllabus 2017 Mechanical Engineering Exam Pattern PDF

Gate Mechanical Engineering ME Syllabus

GATE 2017 Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering will include the study of Engineering Mathematics and Domain knowledge which are studied in the engineering course. Domain Knowledge: Applied Mechanics & Design will include the topics as mentioned- Strength of Materials: Stress and strain, Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain, thin cylinders, bending and shear stresses, […]

GATE 2017 Syllabus For Biotechnology BT Download PDF

GATE Biotechnology BT Syllabus

GATE Biotechnology paper will contain the questions from biotechnology field which constitutes living systems, organisms processes, products etc.  The questions are asked from Engineering Mathematics field and general aptitude in the exam. GATE 2017 syllabus for Biotechnology exam is detailed below- Engineering Mathematics- Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Numerical methods, Differential Equations General Aptitude: […]

GATE 2017 Aerospace Engineering Syllabus & Exam Pattern PDF

Download Gate Aerospace Engineering AE Syllabus PDF

Aerospace Engineering: Aircraft + Spacecraft It is especially the aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering mixture.  It is all about the construction, design and study of space related things such as- aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, spaceships etc. What material is required to build these? Which forces and properties are used to build these? What is the mechanics […]

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