GATE TF Syllabus 2018 Download Textile Engineering & Fibre Sciences PDF

GATE Textile & Fibre Sciences (TF) Syllabus is being mentioned below as per which the officials set the exam paper.Download Gate TF Syllabus The applicants of the exam will be asked all the questions from the defined topics from Engineering Mathematics and the Textile & Fibre domain. Study well all the syllabus for the exam and then practice the various MCQs for the exam. The topics included for each domain is mentioned below. However for further details download the PDF file of syllabus.

Textile Fibres: Classification, Essential requirements, Gross and fine structure of natural fibres, Introduction to important bastfibres, physical and chemical methods of fibre, Molecular architecture, glass transition, plasticization, crystallization, Polymerization of nylon-6, nylon-66, polypropylene, post spinning

Fabric manufacture and Fabric Structure: Principles of cheese and cone winding processes, different systems of yarn splicing, features of modern beam, different sizing systems, settings and timings on fabric formation, fabric appearance and weaving performance, features of modern cone winding machines, different types of warping creels


Methods of investigating fibre structure, I.R. absorption, thermal methods, structure and morphology of man-made fibres, mechanical properties of fibres, moisture sorption in fibres, fibre structure and property correlation, Yarn manufacture, working principle of modern opening, Drafting operation, Working principle of ring doubler and two for one twister, single and folded yarn twist, properties of double yarns, production of core spun yarn, Yarn contraction, yarn diameter

Textile Testing, Preparatory Processes, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing, Energy Conservation, Pollution

Both the questions from Textile & Fibre science are asked in the exam and the candidates should prepare both. The detailed list of topics is mentioned below in the file which is available in PDF format. Once preparing the syllabus, you will be able to answer all the questions smartly for the exam.

GATE Textile & Fibre Science Syllabus DOWNLOAD

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