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Download GATE Physics (PH) Syllabus PDF

Syllabus for Physics Gate

GATE physics Syllabus will constitute the syllabus which is being studied in the degree course. The candidates are tested based on the knowledge they have achieved till date. Following are topics which should be prepared for the exam. Electromagnetic Theory: Solution of electrostatic and magnetostatic problems including boundary value problems, d ielectrics and conductors, Biot-Savart’s […]

GATE 2017 Physics (PH) Books For All Topics

GATE 2017 Physics (PH) books which should be referred for the exam are listed below. The candidates can choose the best of books for the exam to attain the knowledge for all sections of exam. Quantum Mechanics- Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David J. Griffiths Quantum Mechanics by G. Aruldhas Modern Quantum Mechanics by JJ […]

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